Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moving Blogs?

Hello there (my very few readers),

I've been looking into domain names and Wordpress lately. Why? Well, since I'm planning on working abroad, at times, I'm unable to publish on my blogs. I've done some research, and it seems the best option is to just get a domain name (which means money), and use something like Wordpress to make it all pretty-like. I'm hoping to have some kind of published, current work out there on the internet if I plan on being an artist/writer/etc. (I got this advice from a company I talked to at a career fair, and it's a good idea!)

I'm looking to combine my 3 blogs. All of which are not accessible in certain places.

The question is, that if I move to a more permanent home, would you all follow me? Would you be interested in reading about my ramblings, art, and other things? And if you know, which web hosting service should I use? I'm looking into "green" web hosting (just because I can), specifically GreenGeeks.

I've also come down with a nasty sore throat, as well as my nose is starting to run (with sneezing). Ugh. I don't think I should be making any of these decisions whilst taking cold medications...heh.

Now I leave you with a video (which really can't go wrong in this day and age) of puppies and a kitty. BOTH!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

In the words of a great TV show theme song..."Where you lead, I will follow."

Just give me the name of where to find you, and I'm there, m'dear!