Thursday, April 29, 2010

Many the Miles (4/27/10)

As I write this post, I'm sitting in the basement of my dorm (yes, I still live in the dorms as a Senior, and plan to live in them next semester, even if it is my last), trying to get a head start on my finals-studying. I'm extremely tired, and I have laundry in the drier next door. As I sit here contemplating marketing concepts (guess which class I'm studying for?), I am feeling a bit philosophical. It could be that I'm just utterly exhausted, and I tend to get kind of loopy when I'm tired, but let's just roll with it.

I am graduating in about 8 months. That may not seem like a lot, but it will go by soon.

I'm also trying to get summer employment, which has been nerve-wracking, in order to prepare myself for my possible career. (That's being an ESL –English as a Second Language –Teacher.) The reality of my impending graduation is looming, since I'm going to great lengths to get this particular summer position to get classroom experience, which I am lacking. I'm grateful that they're considering me at all. After all, I just sent them a rather open-ended email a little over a month ago on a whim, and ended up getting an interview, and possibly some classes. The only problem is that it would overlap with my last week of classes and my "finals week" starting next week. That's why I'm trying to get a head-start on studying NOW, while I still have some semblance of time.

I'm also looking at a Summer RA position (not affiliated with the university), for some summer camps at these apartments which the university sometimes uses for housing when the dorms fill up. This RA position includes a room in one of their suites and a meal plan, as well as a stipend. I'd be working 25ish hours a week as an RA, but I'm willing to do so if it means I will have a confirmed place to live over the summer (no subletting problems!). The interview I had with them this morning seemed to go well, the interviewer having liked some of my answers. He seemed to like that if I could be any part of a ship, I would be the crow's nest. *shrug* We used similar questions when my student org interviewed possible officers for next year, last week.

I'll hear about both jobs on Thursday; for the RA position, it may be an offer letter, for the teaching position, my possible class schedule. I'm very anxious about Thursday. Then all will be revealed.

This summer may well help my progression into my chosen field (which doesn't have much to do with my major, oddly enough). Then that leads to my post-graduation plans.

My "plans" are very flexible right now, but I do plan on using a teacher placement service that I have available to me, starting next semester. I'm hoping to get to China or Korea first, but Japan and Taiwan is also a close second. In my Chinese class, I often feeling longing for my beloved Zhong Guo ("zhong" = Middle, "guo" =country, therefore China calls itself "middle country"). I miss the food, the awesome people I met there (many of which are not there anymore), and just how easy it is for me to live there. Being a bit of a "hidden immigrant" in the US, it's a bit tiring to always have to explain that I'm from Finland, and REALLY, I am. Whereas in Asia, I'm obviously foreign, which is such a relief! I'm allowed to make mistakes (in language, etiquette, etc) and it's ok. Here, if I do, people would think I'm strange.

I often don't talk about Finland to my friends here in the USA, because they often can't relate to me, no matter how much they may be want to. Also, some people don't believe me, and yet others think I'm bragging if I do. The boasting issue is a big reason why I don't like to talk about my travels. I've had brilliant* experiences, and I understand that many have not. (*I think how the Brits use "brilliant" is fantastic, so I'm going to try to ingrain it into US culture, heh). I also know that I will continue to have these experiences after graduating (me planning to go abroad and all). It's a fine line to walk, culture-wise.

This post is a bit scatter brained. I think I'll leave my half-awake rantings here.


*NOTE: Title of this post comes from the Sara Bareilles song of the same name, which appropriately describes my feelings towards life right now. I highly recommend a listen.