Monday, February 18, 2008

A Good Start

Welcome to my new blog!! I started this one just for this study abroad, and who knows! I may even continue updating this afterwards. This blog is for my friends back home, mainly, but others can read too if they are contemplating a study abroad or if they've been on one before and can relate. :)

So I've been in China for the past two days (I came in on Sunday) and it's been good so far! The flight went well, and I made it to this city rather easily. I've been sleeping rather well, considering a 14 hour time difference, oy! I'm better today, so I bet I'll get over it really quickly. I start to get tired around 8pm, which is really good for me! And i've woken up at 7am both days, so that's good too. :)

Yesterday, I un-packed my bags and went out with a family friend of ours and some other women for coffee, and we went to the bakery and other little errands. I also was shown where the local grocery store is, where I'm planning to go today to get some food stuffs ha ha. Today we're (our family friend Sari and I) planning on doing something, but I'll call her after I get back from the grocery store.

So all is going well so far and I'm glad that I have almost 2 weeks until school starts (I have registration on the 28th and 29th and I start the monday after that, I think).

Stay tuned for more updates!!