Saturday, June 14, 2008

I should be studying...

Hello everyone! (anyone still read this?)

I'm back after a very long time (I did come to visit a few times, I swear!).

So, I suppose I should get on with my post then, eh? Well, I'm still in China, and still studying Chinese. I only have about two weeks of class + a week of exams, not to mention the HSK exam in a week. (kind of like a Chinese language placement test) It kind of sucks when all my friends back home have summer vacation now, and I'm still in school. *cries* Oh well, the semester DID start in March, so who am I to complain if it gets extended into the summer then? I'll still have a month and a half of vacation-time after I go home next month.

This semester in China has been really good, relationships-wise, as well as language-wise. I've only started learning the language this past March, and I've already learned so much! This American guy in my class has been studying for 3 YEARS and has learned as much as we have. O_O whoah. Also the Chinese people that I've been talking to have been pretty surprised that we've only been studying it for about 3 months or so.

I've also made friends from all over the world: Phillipines, the UK, Holland, Korea, and South Africa. It's great!

I've also been thinking about moving abroad after I graduate. Like, going to Finland (where I'm originally from) or to Germany or something. Maybe even back to China to continue my studies of Chinese, who knows? The idea of it just sounds better and better, the more I think about it. I have a lot of connections, so it could possibly work out. However, I have 2 years of Uni left (maybe more, depends on if I can graduate on time...), so I have plenty of time to think about it.

For right now, I really should be studying, oy. So I'll leave it here for now. I may pick it up again later today, or tomorrow... or something.


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