Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yeah, my organic chem exam was 102/200, but my total class score isn't looking too good. I think I may have failed oraganic chemistry. It was a bitch anyway. I took my Chinese exam today, and I've done relatively well in that class (I've gotten no lower than a 90 on my tests/quizzes, and all A's on my homework.), so I'm hoping that it will kind of cover it. o chem=3 credits, Chinese=6 (which is a ridiculous amount anyway, but it tilts the odds in my favor).

Also, before my Chinese exam, I met with an Global Studies advisor-man, because I really REALLY want to work abroad when I graduate. I'm looking at German-speaking countries, and especially trying to find this three-month bible college in Austria that I heard about, with a program in English AND a program in German, which would be awesome. The advisor-man (who was very young, and open minded! nice!) said that a big problem for people who want to go abroad, especially to Europe: A.) have loans (which I thankfully do not have), and B.) Visa issues. The thing is, since I'm a dual citizen with Finland, which is an EU country, I don't have to worry about visas. SWEET. I also talked to him about starting up a TCK group on campus. There are a lot of people dealing with issues that go along with it, without knowing that they're not alone. The advisor-man seemed to be really for it. And he also liked the fact that I'm so multi-lingual, and told me to keep going with Chinese. Though I sometimes wonder why I'm studying it...I don't even like it that much...I mean I do like it, but I don't LOVE it as much as studying German was, or even Finnish..

*snirk* Typing "advisor-man" is fun...

Well, I have an exam on Thursday which I should be studying for, especially if I failed o chem, to get the GPA to go in my favor...Pray for me?

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