Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another year winds down...

I was thinking today, that it's December 21st, that means the year is almost over. How quickly it went by! I swear, time goes by so much faster as you get older!

What a year it's been! I spent 5 months in China (of all places), had a blast, went to Finland, got joint issues (98% resolved now), started back at UW, had possibly the best semester of my college career grades-wise (I got an A in Chinese, woo!), dealt with some crap with myself and others, and...yeah. CRAZINESS. It's been a good year, I think. I've grown up a lot, and have gotten a lot more stable on my own two feet. That's not to say that there aren't still issues to work out, there'll always be issues, but I feel like they're not the end of the world. I can still function well with them (or without..).

As for this next year, I have some ideas about "resolutions." Well, I don't really like resolutions, because I never keep them. However, these are more like next semester things that could be more long term:

A.) Catch up with my friends i.e. be more social. This past semester I was a bit of a recluse now that I got my own room at school, but I realized that I miss people. I miss being around them, laughing with them, having fun with them. I miss that, I do.

B.) Keep up the good work at school Because at the moment, with two classes with grades submitted, I have a 3.3 semester gpa (which is the best that I've had since high school), but that could change depending on my other classes as they appear. (O Chem lab, and my English class have yet to submit scores...). I have a large load on my plate next semester, with the most credits I've ever had, but with light days in between...which leads to the next one:

C.) *Possibly* Start a TCK/CCK group on campus. If you know me, I may have mentioned my being a TCK/CCK (Third Culture Kid/Cross Culture Kid). I've found that on campus there are actually are a number of us, with those who possibly don't even know that there's a name for the restlessness/out of place-ness they feel. So, if I have time (time's the big issue), I'll try to start it up. I also have great resources to help me (see the link). The thing is, the website have this "local leaders" thing, which can help me out with this, but I'd probably end up being the Wisconsin "local leader" which is a big responsibility, whereas I feel like I could help out more on campus...We'll see.

and last but DEFINATELY not least...

4.) Get closer to God. I feel like I'm not at a place in my life, where I can accept God again. I'd been living too long for myself, having "earthly" fun and it didn't help the loneliness/emptiness I felt inside. So, I'm going to make a good effort into spending more one-on-one time with Him, since I've found a great church and through that a bible study. I just need to spend some quality time with the Lord, to get to know Him, and to let Him into my life more. Pray for me?

I know it's a bit early for a "New Year's Post" but I was just thinking about it...*shrug* Have a happy holidays!

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