Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's official!

So now it's official. I will be in South Korea on March 1st (less than two weeks from now!). I will go and get my visa tomorrow, and now I have to worry about packing! I have no idea what to pack, but I'll figure something out!

I also have a hard time realizing that this is a long-term deal (well, at least a year). I have a feeling that this is just a short visit and I'll be back. I guess it will just take some time to come to terms with. I have a feeling that this will hit me when I'm on the plane over to Korea. We'll see how it goes!

Nyt on virallista. Ne haluaa että olen Etelä Koreassa 1.3. (joka tulee aika pian!) Menen hakemaan viisumin huomenna, ja nyt täytyy huolehti pakkaamisesta! Ei oo aavistustakaan mitä pakkasin, mutta keksin jotakin!

Mulla on myös vaikea ajatella että tämä onkin pitkä-aikainen juttu (No, ainakin vuoden). Mulla on semmonen tunne että tämä on lyhyt-aikainen juttu, ja tulen pian takaisin. Kai se kestää vähän aikaa tottuu siihen ideaan. Mulla on semmonen tunne myös että sehän iskee muhun kunnes olen lentokoneessa. Katsotaan miten menee!


Michelle said...

Isn't that how you felt about studying in Finland? Or China?

I think every worthwhile adventure starts with some element of disbelief in there, though, and feeling surreal. :)

Prayers, thoughts, and LOVE!

Panda_123 said...

Check out my friend's blog, who taught English in South Korea for 3 years (and is going back soon too):

His blog is quite thorough and informative!! I hope it helps.